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Did someone say its time to celebrate?

 Coordinating | Designing | Managing

All about being authentic and keeping things real. NO BS.
A down-to-earth girl who just loves all things weddings + events.
What you see is what you get!

Hello Friends! 


Ok, let's be real, who doesn't love a good celebration?! This life is crazy beautiful with all its ups and down. I, for one, am all about celebrating the littlest to biggest celebrations in life. 

Hi! I'm Christina, the main face behind LoveLee Occasions. I have this crazy passion for all things events and have been the go-to for friends and family for years. After years of being told I should start my own business, I finally took the leap!

Based out of Northfield, MN (just a wee bit south of the Twin Cities), and all l about making new friends and being your go-to for your celebration.

Planning a wedding, graduation, anniversary or any celebration...let's meet at your local Caribou and chat!


Snippet of Love Notes from our LoveLee Clientele


"Christina was such a phenomenal person to work with both on wedding day and in the months leading up! My favorite thing about working with her was that she always felt like she had our backs......"

Kaitlyn + Nick



Perfect for the couples who want to someone to handle all the behind-the-scenes on the day of but want to do all the planning lead up to. Ideally starts 6-8wks prior to your celebration. We will work with you on tying up loose ends and ensure your visions come alive on the day-of!



Ideal for couples who may need some extra hands on finalizing some of the bigger details leading up to the big day. 

We offer partial planning that starts with us getting together 6-8 months prior to your event, working together to help all your visions come to life.

Want help from the moment the ring is on the finger? We offer limited full planning where we work with you every step of the way helping your dream day come together for you & your partner! 

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