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     Lover of all things parties and a hopeless romantic turned into Wedding + Event Planner. I've been the go-to-gal for families and friends for many years when it comes to any and all types of events. This led into sharing my passion with others and the creation of LoveLee Occasions. 

     I'm your introvert extrovert who loves making new friends, building repoir with all humans, and making things come together. The chaos of the behind-the-scenes is my jam and putting all the ideas into fruition for one's event just puts a smile on my face.  LoveLee Occasions is a dream that became reality, and nothing brings more happiness to my face than when I see the smiles on my clients' faces. 

     My wedding planning brought a few tears to when it came to deciding all the things and financial woes. Wedding planning isn't for the faint of heart and sometimes you just need that person that is in your corner, ya know. I like to keep things realistic, within your means, by utilizing creativity, design, and logic to help make all the things come together. 

      LoveLee Occasions is building a team of like-minded souls who love creating connections with our clients and vendors. Each and every event will be in good hands, and our team will ensure that your event is stress-free and leaves your cheeks hurting from all the smiles + laughs!​​

     * Associate Pictures to Come *


Tidbits on Christina

 Wife | Mom of 3 girls | Dog Mom

- Southern Born, Midwest Grown

- Special Education Professional by day,

Event Planner by night

- Oreo Thins are life + flavored cream in my coffee is a must!!


1) What's on your bucket list?

~ Travel: Alaska, Europe, Maldives

2.) Favorite Book or Movie?

~ Book: The Book of Lost Names

    Movie: Cold Mountain

3.) What is your favorite wedding or event tradition?

~ For me, is the 1st look that our couples get when they 1st see each other, whether in private or as they begin the walk-down. The eyes speak volumes and there is just something about seeing your person.

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