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 So, all who know me, knows I love putting on a good party or celebration for whatever the reason may be. I've been called the Martha Stewart among the friend group. I never come empty-handed and am always helping out where I can. This love of all things party planning led into the creation of LoveLee Occasions in 2020. The creation of LoveLee Occasions has led me to create some pretty awesome friendships with not only clients but with vendors (a.k.a Friendors). 


  When planning my own wedding, I realized how stressful it can be especially when it came to watching your budget. I want to be there for those who may have a lower budget or are wanting to find ways to make their wedding more budget friendly. There are many ways to make your celebrations beautiful without emptying your wallet or going into debt. 

  I have been pretty blessed with some amazing support from my family and friends, as I took on this new business endeavor. Every so often, you may see my amazing sister working with me behind-the-scenes. She has been one of my biggest supporters and also makes one helluva a partner to bring your celebration together! Occasionally, my husband gets wrangled in to help out when some grunt work may be needed. If it's not my sister with me at an event, I bring along one or more of my pretty awesome associates. I love sharing my passion for all things celebrations with others, and helping my associates find a love for it as well.


  One of my biggest joys is connecting with those we help. It's pretty awesome when the celebration is all said & done, we still keep in touch! Who doesn't like making new friends? ​We cannot wait to be there for you on this exciting new chapter in your love or celebration story! There is nothing better than at the end of the night seeing the smiles, feeling the love, and watching it all come together beautifully.

So, shall we be friends?






We are so excited for 2024, as we will be introducing a few new faces to the LoveLee family. LoveLee Occasions has grown to where more hands are needed so we can take on more celebrations, give more undivided attention to our clients, and provide the best service. 

LoveLee Assoicates all come on board with the same passion and heart that LoveLee was created from, to give their all to the celebrations they work on. 

Keep an eye out to see the new faces in 2024!

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